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По умолчанию Oracle Internet Platform

Oracle Internet Platform

To develop an e-commerce application, you need a product that can store and manage the data, a product that can provide a run-time environment for your applications implementing business logic, and a product that can monitor and diagnose the application after it is integrated. Oracle 10g grid infrastructure products, discussed earlier, provide all the necessary components to develop your enterprise. Oracle offers a comprehensive, high-performance Internet platform for e-commerce and data warehousing. This integrated platform includes everything needed to develop, deploy, and manage Internet applications.

The Oracle Internet Platform is built on three core pieces:

Browser-based clients to process presentation
Application servers to execute business logic and serve presentation logic to browser-based clients
Databases to execute database-intensive business logic and server data

Oracle offers a wide variety of the most advanced graphical user interface (GUI) driven development tools to build business applications, as well as a large suite of software applications for many areas of business and industry. Stored procedures, functions, and packages can be written by using SQL, PL/SQL, or Java.
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