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По умолчанию The Java EE 6Tutorial

The Java EE 6Tutorial

Dynamic reloading is not recommended for a production environment,
however, because it may degrade performance. In addition, whenever a reload is done, the
sessions at that time become invalid, and the client must restart the session.
In the GlassFish Server, dynamic reloading is enabled by default.

To Disable or ModifyDynamic Reloading

1) Open the URL http://localhost:4848/ in a browser.
2) Select the GlassFish Server node.
3) Select the Advanced tab.
4) To disable dynamic reloading, deselect the Reload Enabled check box.
5) To change the interval at which applications and modules are checked for code changes and
dynamically reloaded, type a number of seconds in the Reload Poll Interval field.
The default value is 2 seconds.
6) Click the Save button.

В книге --> У меня
as-install-parent -> MIDDELWARE_HOME
as-install -> GLASSFISH_HOME

Создать переменные окружения:


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